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Cheddar Jalapeño

Cheddar Jalapeño

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Gerdy's Jalapeño Cheddar gourmet popcorn, a tantalizing blend that strikes the perfect harmony between heat and cheese.!!  Each kernel is a masterpiece, coated in a velvety layer of rich cheddar cheese that delivers a creamy and indulgent taste. But the adventure doesn't stop there – enter the jalapeño, adding a zesty kick that transforms every bite into a spicy symphony. The heat is subtle yet electrifying, creating a dance of flavors on your palate. As you crunch into each popped kernel, you'll experience the fusion of savory cheddar and the bold kick of jalapeño, leaving you with a craving for more. This gourmet popcorn is a celebration of the perfect marriage between creamy cheese and spirited spice, offering a snacking experience that's both daring and delicious. Spice up your popcorn game with the unforgettable taste of Jalapeño Cheddar!

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Nutritional Facts:

Our popcorn kernels are both non-GMO and Organic.

Tree Nuts







Our popcorn kernels are both non-GMO and Organic. All sugar used is suitable for vegans and not processed using bone char filtration.

We cannot guarantee against cross-contamination.