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Heavenly White Cheddar

Heavenly White Cheddar

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Gerdy's Heavenly White Cheddar popcorn, a celestial experience for your taste buds. Immerse yourself in the divine allure of this gourmet creation, where fluffy popcorn kernels are embraced by the ethereal richness of velvety white cheddar. Each bite is a symphony of texture and flavor, as the crispness of the popcorn meets the smooth and heavenly creaminess of the white cheddar coating. Delight in the perfect balance of savory notes, expertly crafted to elevate your snacking experience to new heights. The purity of the white cheddar transports you to a popcorn paradise, leaving behind an irresistible and lingering savor that captures the essence of gourmet indulgence. Elevate your snack time with this heavenly treat, where every kernel is a moment of bliss, and each handful is a journey into the sublime.

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Nutritional Facts:

Our popcorn kernels are both non-GMO and Organic.

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Our popcorn kernels are both non-GMO and Organic. All sugar used is suitable for vegans and not processed using bone char filtration.

We cannot guarantee against cross-contamination.